Q21ASlMO doesn't just walk, but can also climb stairs, can't it?

A21 That's right. The ASIMO developed for the rental market in 2001, can go up and down stairs and slopes, change direction while walking on a slope, and be operated by simple voice commands. In 2002, Honda announced a new ASIMO with new functionality that allowed it to greet people, walk behind and follow people, as well as recognize people's faces and say their names. The robot can recognize people's movements and is now able to behave in many new ways. For example, if one waves to it, ASIMO can wave back; if one holds out one's hand, ASIMO can shake it; and it can also move in the direction that one points.

In 2004, the newly introduced ASIMO had progressed to the stage at which it could walk at a speed of 2.5 kilometers per hour (compared to its previous speed of 1.6 kilometers per hour) and could run. The 2005 model could locate the position of someone holding an IC-Tele Interaction Communication Card, move to face them and respond.

It could hold and push a cart as well as carry a tray with glasses of juice on it and put the tray down on a table. Its running speed increased to 6 kilometers per hour. The most recent ASIMO is a friendly size and 130 centimeters tall.