Q7Aren't there different types of broadband, including asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), cable television (CATV) and fiberoptic cable services?

A7 The spread of digital subscriber line (DSL), including ADSL, services was relatively fast. Expansion was quick as the technology could be used on existing telephone networks. The overall broad-band penetration among OECD countries is 16.9%, with DSL representing 1 0.5%, broadband that utilizes CATV networks 4.9%, and the rest 1.4%. In Japan, DSL has a penetration rate of 11.1 o/o, cable TV of 2.8%, and the rest, which consists mostly of fiber-optic cable, 6.2%. According to the OECD, Japan has 7.9 million subscribers to fiber-optic services, the highest number among OECD members. The fiber-optic cable penetration rate for households in Japan is No. 1 in the world.