Q50What was the total value of 2006 overseas and domestic shipments of videogame consoles and computer game software?

(a) 630 billion yen
(b) 860 billion yen
(c) 1.63 trillion yen

A50 According to research conducted by the Computer Entertainment Suppliers Association (CESA), the total value of video-games shipped in 2006 was 1.63 trillion yen, the highest amount ever. So the correct answer is (c). This was a massive 20% increase over the previous year, when the total shipped value was 1.36 trillion yen. Of the 2006 figure, game software represents 674.2 billion yen, up 38% year on year. A breakdown of software shipped shows a domestic gain of 32.9% to 311.3 billion yen, while overseas exports expanded 43.6% to 362.9 billion yen. According to CESA, game software purchases of new-model portable game machines boosted software shipments.