Q49When it comes to manufactured goods, a certain level of skill and equipment is needed to copy items. But, for intellectual property such as music, computer graphics, and software, large volumes of copies can be made in a short time.
Therefore, it is really important to protect the relevant rights. What is the Strategic Program on the Creation, Protection and Exploitation of Intellectual Property?

A49 The main pillars of the program are areas in which Japan is weak-rigorous protection of intellectual property and talent development. The program has led to Japan strengthening its efforts to deal with international patents, a common foundation and approach for patents across national patent systems, by creating a truly international patent system. Under the program, the Tokyo and Osaka district courts are acting as patent courts and an Intellectual Property High Court was established in 2005.

Countermeasures to deal with counterfeiting, pirated goods, and illegal copying are being strengthened; protection of trade secrets is being bolstered; new measures are being taken to promote and strengthen the creation of intellectual property and its administration at universities; and measures are being taken to promote the development of human resources related to intellectual property.