Q37Which group has been able to gather the most con-tent for its format?

A37 By May 2006, the BD camp had lined up The Walt Disney Company, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and others in the United States. More than 170 companies including manufacturers support the format. Sony Pictures Entertainment in Japan announced that, beginning in November 2006, it would launch new movies on BDs every month. The titles it initially made avail-able include Underworld: Evolution and Rent, and by August 2007 it had made available about 40 titles in Japan.

By contrast, companies joining the HD DVD camp include Universal Pictures, Warner Home Video, Toshiba EMI, Kadokawa Group Holdings Inc., and Pony Canyon Inc. Movies available on 60 no Blue-ray and HD DVD technologies

HD DVD include Rebellion, The Pianist and the South Korean film Old Boy.

The movie industry is preparing for both formats and so, in January 2007, Warner Brothers announced a disc that works with both BD and HD DVD.

There are a growing number of video-on-demand services that, using fiber-optic cable and other forms of broadband to deliver content, enable one to watch movies when one wishes. If the Internet is used to watch movies, it will no longer be necessary to buy DVDs or rent movies. So, it is no longer true simply to say that the format with the most content is the one most likely to survive.