Q30How many color liquid crystal display (LCD) TV sets were shipped in Japan in 2006?
(a) 3.59 million
(b) 5.59 million
(c) 7.59 million

A30 According to the Japan Electronics and Information Technologies Association (JEITA), 5.59 million color LCD TVs were shipped domestically in 2006. So the correct answer is (b).

Shipments in 2006 outstripped those of the previous year by 32.7% due to falling prices and increased availability. In addition, 769,000 units of another type of flat-screen television, the plasma TV, were shipped in 2006. Although fewer in number than LCD TVs, sales of plasma sets increased rapidly throughout 2006.

The 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin contributed to sales of flat-screen televisions, but when in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany the Japanese team did not proceed to the final knockout round, sales did not increase as expected.