Q3 Toyota is highly regarded for just-in-time production (kanban-hoshiktl and other production processes, isn't it?

A3 Manufacturing parts only as they are needed is known i

Reaching global leadership in the auto industry through Toyota Japan as process, which was started at Toyota, has become well established at manufacturers around the world. Manufacturing at Toyota is said to be supported by a philosophy of total customer and quality focus, achieved by such processes as kaizen (continuous improvement),whereby efficiency rises across the board.

In recent years, Toyota has increased its factories overseas. In order to spread and instill both its manufacturing philosophy and processes in these factories, in July 2003 the company set up the Global Production Center (GPC) in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

Subsequently, Toyota set up GPC training centers in the United States, Europe and Thailand, at all of which it is improving the welding, painting, assembly, quality assurance and other skills of its staff.