Q20I Aren't there many different types of robots in Japan besides the industrial ones used in factories?

A20 Yes, there are. Honda Motor Co., Ltd.'s famous humanoid ASIMO (advanced step in innovative mobility) robot that walks on two feet originated in 1986 as the bipedal locomotion EO robot that consisted only of the area below the waist. Later, improvements were made and the models E 1 to E6 were created.

In 1993, the ASIMO prototype P1 was developed. Its function-ality included turning on and off switches and carrying objects, although the robot's power supply and computer were not in built.

After additional improvements had been made, the P3 was completed in September 1997. This model was 160 centimeters high, weighed about 130 kilograms, and was a completely independent bipedal walking robot. The ASIMO that was developed in 2000 is smaller, lighter and abl to walk more smoothly and naturally.