Q17Which of the mobile telephone functions do young people like most?

A17 Very popular are those that allow users to listen to music, including the chakushin melody service that replaces the ring tone with music, and chaku-uta service provided by KDDI's mobile phone brand au that allows subscribers to use the first 30 seconds of popular songs as a ring tone. The latter service has led to the emergence of many websites that charge for downloading chaku-uta. Meanwhile, chaku-uta furu services that allow one to listen to songs in full have also appeared.

In addition, songs and music can be downloaded directly from the Internet, or transferred to a mobile phone from either a personal computer (PC), or a compact disc (CD) via a PC. Several hundred songs can be stored on a mobile phone by using advanced mobile-phone economy or two-gigabyte high-capacity memory card, thereby converting the phone into a portable music player.