Q15What are the most remarkable features of mobile phones?

A15 The mobile phone service Mobile Suica can be used instead of season and ordinary train tickets on East Japan Railway Com-pany OR East) trains. People who have credit cards such as the View Suica Card, issued by Japan Railway OR) and participating household electrical appliance retailers such as Bic Camera, can use the cards on mobile phones incorporating Sony Corp. developed contacdess integrated circuit (I C) card, or smart card, technology. It is also possible to load mobile phones with Suica cards that have previously been used as season tickets. Then there are the mobile phones with digital wallet functionality (osaifo keitai) that, in addition to serving as a ticket for commuting, can be used to purchase items from convenience stores and vending machines, obviating the need to carry small change.

In the case of those airlines that use this functionality, it is possible to use one's mobile phone to reserve a seat on a plane, check in at the gate without the need for a boarding pass, board a plane without a ticket and swap air miles for electronic money.

Moreover, with a mobile phone one can use electronic money at domestic airports to shop and at restaurants.